The Bridge integrates with your building's BMS.

Utilize Data

Set HVAC controls to respond to incoming occupancy data.

Save Energy

Enjoy 5% or more on energy savings due to automated HVAC usage.

How It Works

Our Bridge solution is an integration of Wi-Fi based occupancy data into building management systems to transform buildings into smart and responsive occupant-driven systems.

The Bridge solution leverages existing real-time Wi-Fi activity data to produce BACnet ready data for building automation system optimization. Matching building operation to occupant needs has the potential to reduce operating costs while providing the optimal indoor environment.

Bridge Diagram

As shown in the example above, the Bridge reduces utility costs by reducing ventilation run times. As a customer you receive Bridge occupancy data in your building automation system where you can create your own occupancy thresholds to improve efficiency. Connected buildings are significantly more eco-friendly and yield 5% or more proven energy savings.

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WiFi enabled devices are approximately located on your floor maps. The device data are analyzed in each HVAC zone indicated by a user-defined coloured zone. The Bridge then converts the data into a ‘virtual occupancy meter’ for each unique zone. Finally, the data is sent to your building automation system.

The virtual occupancy meter data is anonymously stored for your records and can be accessed via the Bridge’s API by third party developers to create new applications such as lighting control.

Technical Documentation

Solution Overview
Public: Solution Overview contains a high-level description of the Bridge middleware, how it converts WiFi data into occupancy and then communicates the data to building controls.

API Documentation
Private: Request the Postman Collection and Environment (must have Postman downloaded to use).

Deploy Documentation
Private: Request deployment documentation that covers the install of the Bridge product.

Solution Architect Documentation
Private: Request a Solution Architect Document that describe how the Bridge can drive 3rd party applications.


Real-Time Occupancy Data

Device location and count are updated every 5 minutes.

Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning Algorithm enables occupancy prediction

Scalable to Multiple Buildings

A single bridge solution can provide occupancy data for several buildings
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